Invest in Digital Shares

STAX provides a platform for investors across the globe to use fiat or digital currencies to invest in companies raising capital by issuing equity.



Investing in capital raises

STAX offers investment opportunities to both retail and wholesale investors, without the need for investors to navigate a complex brokerage network and its associated large costs. We provide a platform in a fully regulated environment, that empowers more investors and companies to become active participants in the equity markets.


Trading digital shares

Through STAX’s hybrid trading platform, investors are able to invest using fiat or digital currencies, and trade in digital assets in a single place and at a low cost. Bank accounts, broker accounts, digital wallets and payment solutions will be integrated into our platform to ensure a seamless investment experience.

Lower Fees

We decrease our costs by offering you direct access, cutting out middlemen, and automating whenever possible. This allows us to provide you lower fees.


We provide investors access to a broad range of capital raising investment opportunities to suit individual preferences.

Trusted Compliance

Our platform is fully regulated, ensuring all trades are executed in compliance with all financial regulations. Your digital assets are also safely registered and protected.

Hybrid Platform

Invest using either fiat or digital currencies. You can trade between conventional financial instruments and digital assets, using a single platform, and in a legal and fully transparent manner.